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جهاز عرض ليزر شاومي مي 4K مقاس 150 بوصة
الماركة : شاومى

جهاز عرض ليزر شاومي مي 4K مقاس 150 بوصة

الماركة : شاومى

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اللون : Black
الدقة : 3840 x 2160
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Xiaomi Mi 4K 150 Inch Laser Projector

ALPD® 3.0 display technology for accurate color reproduction

With Appotronics' all new ALPD® 3.0 laser-powered phosphor display technology, the proportion of red light ratio is as high as 16-18% ④.  A bright and sharp picture right before your eyes. Conforms to International Telecommunication Union Rec. 709 standard,  Wide color gamut distribution for richer colors and more realistic reproduction

Massive 80–150" picture Your own private movie theater right in your home

The Mi Laser Projector 4K can be placed on top of a TV cabinet to project 80–150" extra-large images ⑤, together with a 100" anti-glare screen ⑥ for vivid color reproduction. A new opportunity to redefine your concept of a home theater.

Lens designed for ultra-short throw,  a large image projected onto a nearby wall

Designed with an ultra short throw ratio of 0.233:1 for a large depth of field, it dispenses with the inconveniently long distances needed for traditional projectors. It can be placed directly on a TV cabinet and need only be 24 cm from the wall to produce an extra-large picture of 100" ⑨. With no wiring hassles, it takes up no space and does not require a cover.

Brightness of light source 5000 lumens  Picture brightness 1600 ANSI lumens

MI Laser Projector 4K light source features a brightness of over 5000 lumens, picture brightness of 1600 ANSI lumens (bright mode) ⑩.

Dual full-range + dual high-frequency audio system  Unbeatable original sound

Custom-developed high-fidelity sound system combining dual full-range plus dual-high-frequency speakers for a deeper stereo sound. Goes with uniquely designed bass-reflex speakers,  which release the soundwaves from inside the speaker case for more powerful volume.

More authentic and more immersive

Immerse yourself in 3-D sound with powerful Dolby virtual surround and human sound enhancement technology ⑪.  Experience superb sound-source accuracy. You will feel like you're there, whether it's an intense fight or the sound of fine rain and cicadas.

AI voice commands Android TV 9.0 and Google Assistant

Press and hold the remote control voice key and tell Google Assistant what you want to see

Caring for your eyes for greater peace of mind

The light source is projected and reflected onto a wall or projector screen, effectively reducing  radiation to the human eye and visual fatigue, and protecting your family's eyes.

Smart fan, real-time temperature control

System-level temperature monitoring and automatically adjusting fan power for quiet operation even in bright mode ⑭. Each module has been designed with a dedicated air flow to optimize airflow between modules, quickly and efficiently expelling heat to effectively extend the life of the whole machine.

Fully customized hardware system  The complete body is smaller

With a fully customized modular hardware system, the interior space is put to optimal use;  with an orderly, dense arrangement, it is suitably optimized for an overall smaller machine,  so it doesn't take up much space in the home.

Features a sophisticated and elegant obsidian black exterior

The case is made of a sandblasted PC material, which does not leave fingerprints and maintains a premium feel at all times.  Features a square-shaped design, about the size of a 15" laptop;  rounded corners make it safer for children to use.


الماركة Xiaomi
رقم الموديل XM300004
اللون اسود
الدقة 3840 x 2160
الوزن 7.20 kg
تركيز العدسة التركيز الكهربائي
تصحيح الانحراف تصحيح 8 نقاط استهلاك الطاقة
مدخلات الطاقة 200-240 فولت ~ ؛ 50/60 هرتز
استهلاك الطاقة في وضع الاستعداد <0.5 واط
تقنية العرض 0.47 بوصة DMD
تقنية مصدر الضوء ALPD
الدقة القياسية 4K (3840 × 2160)
تركيز العدسة التركيز الكهربائي
نسبة رمي (TR) 0.233
حجم الشاشة الموصى به 80 "-150"
وضع السطوع مشاهدة الأفلام؛ تسليط الضوء
أبعاد الحزمة (W, H, L ) سم 41 x 8.8 x 29.1
الضمان 1 year warranty
SKU PJ014351

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